Nhạc Chuông I Bet You Think About Me – Taylor’s


Well I tried to fit in with your upper-crust circles
Yeah, they let me sit in back when we were in love
Oh they sit around talking ‘bout the meaning of life
And the book that just saved ‘em that I hadn’t heard of

But now that we’re done and it’s over
I bet you couldn’t believe
When you realized I’m harder to forget
Than I was to leave
And I bet you think about me

You grew up in a silver spoon gated community
Glamorous shiny bright Beverly Hills
I was raised on a farm, no it wasn’t a mansion
Just living room dancing and kitchen table bills
But you know what they say
You can’t help who you fall for
And you and I fell like an early spring snow
But reality crept in, you said we’re too different
You laughed at my dreams, rolled your eyes at my jokes

Mr. Superior Thinking
Do you have all the space that you need?
I don’t have to be your shrink to know that
You’ll never be happy
And I bet you think about me

I bet you think about me, yes, I bet
You think about me

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